Waxing Services

We have the best body waxing specialist around ensuring virtually pain free waxing sessions.  Our technicians specialize in removing all the hairs to keep clients “Bare and Beautiful” for weeks at a time. We have recently added BODY BRIGHTENING services to the menu including the highly requested “Intimate Brightening”. Click here for more information and pricing.


3 of our most popular waxing services are available in our Gold membership here at slsc for just $99 per month. Learn more HERE


Suzie Snatch (Traditional Brazilian Waxing)
This service includes complete hair removal in the bikini area. Includes basic ingrown hair removal and treatment serums for your skin type. Pricing is $85 up. Pricing varies based on esthetician providing the service.
Full Arm Waxing
Waxing of the full arm
Charm City Cleanup
Brazilian maintenance for the avid waxer visiting every 4 weeks. If you are not a member the cost for this service is $85 and up
Forearm Waxing
Waxing from the elbow to the wrist
Brazilian waxing for men
$100 and up
The Vegas Strip
Complete waxing leaving behind a “landing strip”
Teeny Bikini Wax
Waxing outside of the disposable undergarments and one inch off the top of pelvic area
$45 and Up
Beauty and The Brow
Brows perfectly groomed to your liking
French Kiss
upper or lower lip waxing
$10 and up
Underarm $22
Stomach Wax $22
Full Leg
Full leg waxing from the hip to the ankles.
$85 and up
Half Leg Waxing $50 and up
Chin Wax $10 and up
Full Back Wax $75 and Up
Chest Wax $50 and up