Expert Body Waxing


Complete body waxing from head to toe! Here at Sky Lounge Skin Care we provide world class waxing services. Virtual pain-free, quick and efficient sessions that will leave you “Bare and Beautiful” for weeks. All of our most requested services have been bundled together into affordable monthly memberships. For $69.99 a month you can receive unlimited Brazilian, underarm and facial waxing for the MONTH, click HERE for more details


Suzie Snatch (Traditional Brazilian Waxing)
Complete Brazilian wax; front to back completely bare
Full Arm Waxing
Waxing of the full arm
Charm City Cleanup
Brazilian maintenance for the avid waxer visiting every 4 weeks.
Forearm Waxing
Waxing from the elbow to the wrist
Brazilian waxing for men
$100 and up
The Vegas Strip
Complete waxing leaving behind a “landing strip”
Teeny Bikini Wax
Waxing outside of the disposable undergarments and one inch off the top of pelvic area
$45 and Up
Beauty and The Brow
Brows perfectly groomed to your liking
French Kiss
upper or lower lip waxing
$10 and up
Underarm $20
Stomach Wax $20
Full Leg
Full leg waxing from the hip to the ankles.
$85 and up
Half Leg Waxing $50 and up
Chin Wax $10 and up
Full Back Wax $75 and Up
Chest Wax $50 and up