Wax Training

Are you a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist looking to expand your service menu and increase revenue?
Would you like to increase your efficiency and decrease the time spent on each client? Then you will want to take my 1 on 1 class to make you a Brazilian waxing expert!

This six-hour, 1-on-1 hands-on training is for licensed estheticians and cosmetologists looking to enhance their skills and become a Brazilian waxing expert. You will learn everything you need to provide clients with a virtually pain-free Brazilian waxing in 15 minutes or less that will keep them raving about you. Students will watch two full Brazilian waxing’s that have been pre-recorded, assist with 1 live waxing and perform 3 of their own. Students will learn how to confidently maneuver through one of the most difficult waxing services you can provide, establish themselves as an expert and give their clients amazing results that will keep them coming back.

Students will learn:

✨How to perform a proper consultation and know what contraindications to look out for

✨Proper Work Space Setup and Sanitation

✨Which Pre-& Post products will help your service flow effortlessly

✨How to select which type of way to use for each client

✨Advanced waxing techniques that will save time and minimize client discomfort

✨How to properly position your client for best results

✨Marketing tips to increase client retention and revenue

✨How to handle uncomfortable moments with professionalism and grace

No kit is provided with this class.  Students are required to bring in 4 models. If you can’t find models, we can assist with that. Classes are held on Sundays but available on Monday with advanced notice.

Classes can be booked online under “COACHING” by clicking HERE

If you have questions or need more information, please send an email to: info@skyloungeskincare.com