What does the “Bare and Beautiful” Membership include?
– unlimited Brazilian waxing
– unlimited underarm waxing
– unlimited lip, brow and chin waxing


How can I become a member?
– To become a member CLICK HERE.
Select the membership you are interested in. If you need further assistance call or text 443-839-4901.


What is a Suzie Snatch?
– a a Suzie snatch is just my version of a Brazilian waxing It includes hair removal of the bikini area, pelvis, labia,and anus. I created cute names for all of my ” below the belt” waxing services just to add a little playfulness to the idea of waxing.


How long does the hair need to be???
-the hair needs to be at least 1/4 of an inch or the size of a grain of rice. I recommend waxing TWO WEEKS after shaving or depilatory cream ( Nair/ Veet) use.


How long does waxing take?
– Most services take about 15- 30 minutes give or take depending on the amount of hair to be removed.


Should I exfoliate before or after waxing?
-Exfoliating is a good idea in general to remove dead skin and keep the area smooth, so I yes to BOTH! Exfoliate the night before your service and 2 days after.


What should I wear for my appointment? How can I prepare?
– WAXING: it is best to wear loose fitting clothing and underwear on the day of your waxing appointment to avoid irritation. Avoid wearing lotions and perfumes in the area to waxed. If you are worried about pain take an Ibuprofen 30 minutes before your appointment

– AIRBRUSH TANNING:  *** FOR BEST RESULTS EXFOLIATE THE DAY BEFORE SERVICE*** Loose fitting clothing is best. Avoid wearing lotions and creams for your airbrush tanning session.


How long will my results last?
– WAXING: 3-5 weeks


What type of wax do you use?
– I use both hard and soft wax formulas depending on my client. I take into consideration the length, density and texture of the hair to make my decision. If you have a preference please mention that when you arrive for your appointment?